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     My mission in life is to do things on purpose, or “for” a purpose, so I strive to do that with my business as well.  This is not just a hobby, nor is it a job to “bring home the bacon”.  This is a passion and an adventure I have undertaken, that I hope has a purpose far bigger than myself.  My prayer is that each time you purchase from Rylee’s Collection, you are blessed.  Whether it’s in the simple enjoyment of adoring your little one in their new accessory, or recognizing that a percentage of every single sale here goes directly to help those in need.


     My goal for Rylee’s Collection products is to carry practical, affordable items without compromising quality OR CUTENESS!  You will find here everything from the most basic and simple, to higher-end elegant pieces, and everything in between.  I am always open to custom orders and new product ideas!


     Thank you to EVERY customer, it has always been a joy meeting (even virtually) so many wonderful people!  And you have had a hand in changing lives. 
*2014 ministry was 20 Liters ( and Starfysh.
*2013 ministry was Starlight Ministries,
*2012 ministry was
*Click here to see what the percentage of sales donated from 2011 helped provide!!
*Click here to read how the percentage of sales donated in 2010 helped provide clean water to those in Rwanda.
An organization has not yet been selected for 2015 giving, if you have a suggestion, please email it to!  I'd love to hear from you! :)

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